To be honest feeding a toddler is so hard. Jude is extremely picky when it come to texture. Mashed Potatoes and avocados are his least favorite foods......See what I am working with here?Also he insists on feeding himself and anything similar to applesauce ends in a bath and mopping. I am constantly trying to keep his meals healthy and exciting. I am guilty of being a meal repeater and could probably eat sandwiches every night but in my last post I mentioned how I was trying out some new recipes. Well, This week has already been busy with My classes starting, 4 shoots, Consultation meeting, Getting the brakes fixed, a doctors appointment for Jude and Joshua playing back to back shows. The last thing I have time for is new recipes (I hate to say that but It is true..sigh) I still want to stay focused on Jude's eating and keep it exciting and fresh even with the busy week. Yesterday we stopped at the market and grabbed a couple of new snacks for the week/weekend, that fit my criteria of exciting and healthy. We grabbed a pint of black figs, cheddar bunnies, plain Keifer yogurt, mushrooms, and chocolate almond milk. So far he loves figs and ate 2 within minutes and he hates the keifer yogurt. Is it Sunday yet?