Living in the now....

I have been trying more to live in the moment and enjoy things and not feel so stressed about my huge to do list or the dishes that might need to be done. I want to experience living and not just feel like I am going from one thing to the next. One of the things I am trying to enjoy more is cooking. I checked out this book from the library 6 months ago and still have yet to use it or return it... ooppps. I finally made a grocery list this weekend for a few of the recipes. I am excited to try my hand at Korean food. 

We have also been taking family walks daily and not just spending that time to catch up on news, plans and scheduling but to really enjoy noticing the flowers in every yard and planning our future homes together. We stopped by a bakery the other morning, Jude decided to run off with the chocolate croissant and bask in all of its messy goodness the second we got home.

It was a good weekend. These are the moments I want to enjoy and remember.