Heyyyy Jude,   

          You were a handful today and yesterday and the day before that. (Probably because you have a bad ear infection) JuJu after wrestling you around most of today, you are finally sleeping and the house is quiet. I have time to just stop and literally breath at my own pace for a minute. I have been thinking a lot about the letters I have been writing to you and I want them to comfort you and remind you that its okay to go into the dark sometimes. There will be days when you are hurting and feel lost. Those are the days I want you to read these letters and feel comforted in knowing that love is a real thing and that the love I have for you is overwhelming. This morning you woke up feeling sick and suppper grouchy and just like that I knew how to comfort you and make you feel better. I wrapped you in grandmas blanket and held you close to me while we watched dinosaur train together. You fell asleep holding my hand. Jude, you are incredible. You always know how to communicate your mood. I love how much we talk together and play. Lately you love telling secrets and fake laughing. You love playing with Billie and pulling his hair. However, he barely tolerates you. You still havent crawled or walked but don't you worry baby boo. Pappa and I know you are more of the chatting and puzzle kind of guy. You will bahhh and mama all day but walking is another story. You definitely keep things interesting and new baby. 

We love you always.