Baby Jude.

This week has been hard.The last 2 weeks have been hard. I feel like we can not catch a break lately. First it was gas then teething and then BAMM double ear infection. SO after a tearful doctor visit you are now on antibiotics and getting through the worst of it all. I hate seeing you suffer and smack your ears. I have spent just as many nights crying and wondering what else I can do to help make you feel better. I will admit that I love all of the cuddling you have been wanting to do. We have been spending more time in mamas bed building forts and watching dinosaur train.(ride, ride, ride, riddddeee the dinosaur train.) You love the opening song the most. Ohh I forgot! You just started dancing on your own. You love dancing to music and listening to funny voices......I have been doing so many funny voices lately, trying to cheer you up. The snake voice is your favorite. Hissss nissssss to meet you hiss.

 It has been raining more and some of the trees are starting to blossom. I love that you are a spring baby. I remember at one of your baby showers I had branches and branches of blossom trees in vases around the room. cherry blossoms are some of the most beautiful flowers, they are home.  I cant believe it is almost your birthday. Where has the time gone? I feel like the last year has been on fast forward. I mean honestly, I still have pages in your baby book I need to fill out! 

BABY Jude, it is okay if we go to never never land. I never want to stop having adventures and playing. I love you bug.