Letters to Jude

Jude, I have decided to write you a letter every week for a year. 52 letters. I want to remember all of the little and big things about you. I want to have something special to share with our friends+family but also between you and I. I hope you always know how much I love you through these letters. 

This is letter #1 of week one. February 16, 2016. 

Baby Jude, This week is kind of dragging on. I know you, Billie and I all feel the same. We went to the park today and you really LOVE the swing. I was getting nervous watching how high dad was pushing you but you didn't even feel afraid. You were smiling and putting your hands up in the air. Also, you were slobbering everywhere. Teething has been the worst battle yet baby. The weather is finally warming up. It was 60 degrees today and it is supposed to be 65 tomorrow! (I bought you some great shorts today for $4! Just sayin') I am planning on planting the seedlings together this week while it is warm. I am really wanting to plan a successful garden this year.. and when I say me I mean your dad. He has the green thumb around here. You are already so much like him, it blows me away. You both only think about making sounds and eating. OOO by the way parsnips and banana bread are your favorite foods. Anyway, I can only hope you grow up to be like your dad. Your dad is convinced you beat your drum on time. He gets all wild about it. You truly bring us so much joy. Jude, because of you we love stronger and grow more together. Thank you for being our baby Jude.