For The fourth of July weekend we went to Las Vegas to visit my dad and have a mini vacation. We try and go down to Vegas once every year during the summer. I am going to be honest I don't love Vegas ( I am not a heat person, I love winter) but I do love my dad. SO once a year i drag my butt down there to spend time with my family. It was a fun weekend getaway. We went to the Las Vegas parade and sat by the pool for the majority of our trip. We lit off several illegal fireworks and maybe drank a few too many strawberry margaritas. Also, we took Jude on his first airplane ride and he did amazing. Seriously he slept through the entire thing. He didn't fuss once. However, he cried almost the entire time we were in Vegas. He must hate Las Vegas too. I have never been more happy to be home from "vacation." I missed nap time.