San Diego

San Diego was everything I wanted it to be. We spent time in some really interesting areas and stopped by some locally owned shops and restaurants. Josh loved North Park and I loved Little Italy so we spent our time jumping around. I had a list of several things and places I wanted to experience in San Diego for myself and for our family. The Botanical Garden and Balboa Park were a hit with Jude and, of course, he loved anything we did that involved water. We had the best burritos EVER at Lucha Libre and some great shopping across the street at Art by Alexia. I regret not relaxing a little bit more but vacation was really all I could have hoped for! 

L.A. mood

We went on our first family vacation this past month; it was worth the wait and hard work. We spent all Friday road tripping to L.A. to spend two short days before heading to San Diego. L.A. was my favorite part of our entire trip. We booked an Airbnb right below the Angeles National Forrest that was only 15 minutes from down town. It was sooo dreamy and relaxing. The yard area was in full bloom and there was a light wind blowing with the perfect 78 degree day. We ended up having a late breakfast at The Ace hotel downtown and then spent the afternoon shopping at a few of my favorite thrift spots before heading to San Diego. It was so hard to decide what to do with our time. I cant wait to go back and try Moon Juice and go to the Observatory. By the way... California traffic sucks!


I am one of those people who lives for spring. I love everything about the warmer months. I have to be honest - I hate winter....I do not ski, snow board, snow shoe, nothing. Maybe that's why I hate it, because I get bored? or because I hate being cold? I don't mind if it snows until New Year's Eve but after that I am counting every single day down till spring. I live my life for spring cleaning, flowers, family walks, picnics, pedicures and park dates. 

Utah has been doing the usual weather lately. One day it will be 69 and the next 38. We are dealing with it. One of the warmer but windier days we went and explored at Heritage Park. 


To be honest feeding a toddler is so hard. Jude is extremely picky when it come to texture. Mashed Potatoes and avocados are his least favorite foods......See what I am working with here?Also he insists on feeding himself and anything similar to applesauce ends in a bath and mopping. I am constantly trying to keep his meals healthy and exciting. I am guilty of being a meal repeater and could probably eat sandwiches every night but in my last post I mentioned how I was trying out some new recipes. Well, This week has already been busy with My classes starting, 4 shoots, Consultation meeting, Getting the brakes fixed, a doctors appointment for Jude and Joshua playing back to back shows. The last thing I have time for is new recipes (I hate to say that but It is true..sigh) I still want to stay focused on Jude's eating and keep it exciting and fresh even with the busy week. Yesterday we stopped at the market and grabbed a couple of new snacks for the week/weekend, that fit my criteria of exciting and healthy. We grabbed a pint of black figs, cheddar bunnies, plain Keifer yogurt, mushrooms, and chocolate almond milk. So far he loves figs and ate 2 within minutes and he hates the keifer yogurt. Is it Sunday yet?

Living in the now....

I have been trying more to live in the moment and enjoy things and not feel so stressed about my huge to do list or the dishes that might need to be done. I want to experience living and not just feel like I am going from one thing to the next. One of the things I am trying to enjoy more is cooking. I checked out this book from the library 6 months ago and still have yet to use it or return it... ooppps. I finally made a grocery list this weekend for a few of the recipes. I am excited to try my hand at Korean food. 

We have also been taking family walks daily and not just spending that time to catch up on news, plans and scheduling but to really enjoy noticing the flowers in every yard and planning our future homes together. We stopped by a bakery the other morning, Jude decided to run off with the chocolate croissant and bask in all of its messy goodness the second we got home.

It was a good weekend. These are the moments I want to enjoy and remember. 

I love you weekends

Lately life has been constantly go, go, go. I cant remember the last time I stopped to take a break? Plus, Jude wakes up EVERY morning at 6 am. No exceptions. Joshua and I decided to take it slow for the fourth of July weekend and focus on some R&R as a family. We had lunch outside, Went swimming, took family naps, brunched, morning walks, extra coffee, picked apricots, scooby doo reruns and a lot of cuddling. I forgot how nice the weekends can be.